Web Research Data Entry Service in India

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CRM Data Mining Services in India

CRMs consist of vast database. Clients are the assets of any business. Our team of CRM Data Mining experts extracts useful data from the CRM varying from contact subtle elements, topography and demography data, to purchasing examples, inclinations and psychographics. At Stellar Digital Lab, we give you a thorough record of each association between your organisation and the client. We precisely mine data from a wide range of popular CRMs like Salesforce, SugarCRM, SageCRM, Vtiger, Microsoft Dynamic CRM and many more. We believe in long-term association resulted from 100% reliability and client satisfaction.

Web Presence Audit Services in India

In this digital era, your website is your most powerful tool. Every website is different and the search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo looks at it uniquely. Understanding which part of your website needs an update, what content is duplicate, whether or not it is SEO friendly, whether or not the links and back links work fine, URL Architectonic, etc requires deep Web Presence Audit. At Stellar Digital Lab, we promise enhanced SEO, seamless user experience as well as maximised website and online marketing performance through Web Presence Audit. Our years of experience in this vertical have armed us knowing what it takes to create a noticeable web presence.

Business Data Research Services in India

Business data are required for the analysis of business and to understand what it takes to reach the aimed apex. Data analysis is an important factor for future planning. Customer behaviour, their inclination and psycho graphics, purchasing habits, target market, market trends, external influences, strategies employed by competitors, etc are the vital parts of business data research. At Stellar Digital Lab, we provide actionable insights to help our clients understand the various facets of their business. Our clients use these insights to prepare their plan for future based on facts and figures and stand out from their competitors.

Product & Services Research

The essence of research and development in a business is undeniable. Stellar Digital Lab formulates rigorous and multi-faceted research programs to determine consumer assessment of new and existing product and services. We include product and services, development and testing, usage and attitude testing, new technology acceptance, optimal product and pricing mix and various other facets to isolate key targets, determine demographic and psycho graphic segments and measure purchase intent. We have a dedicated team of professionals who take up product and services research and execute it with perfection that you’ve been looking for since ever.

Company Information Research Services in India

A business establishment or expansion requires several factors to be considered. Research and development is an integral part of the business. At Stellar Digital Lab, we have a team of experts cross-experienced owing to the years of working for our valuable clients belonging to diverse industries like legal, education, banking, IT, and many more. We make the best use of latest tools and technology to develop the techniques that contribute hugely in getting you the best information research service. We value your association with us and ensure the association lasts by providing you 100% reliability and satisfaction.

Competitor Profiling & Analysis Services in India

Competitor profiling is an essential process that is executed while designing a new product or entering into a new market. It consists of chalking out and processing data about competing businesses or products in order to generate key information about them, categorise them and identify their key competitive differences. The analysis of such information plays a major role in gaining easy access to important information about key players in the market and uses the data to predict competitor behaviour, create marketing strategies, and make informed business decisions. The years of working for multiple industries like healthcare, banking, IT , legal, education and many others has armed us with the expertise you would need to stand out of the competitions. We perform competitor profiling, SWOT Analysis, and positioning study and aim at supporting global clients in maintaining competitive edge against their competitors.

Stellar Data India charter is to make IT think, talk and perform like a business.

Social Media Research / Monitoring Services in India

Social media research and monitoring refers to a set of tools used to extract and analyse the data from social media channels to examine the facets of social media channels and finding out who is using it for what purpose and how fluently. Social media channels tend to be the platform that gathers most of the audience these days. Hence, conducting social media research helps one gain the precise insights into psychology and choice of majority. The Social Media Research and Monitoring conducted by Stellar Digital Lab helps our clients gain insights of consumers’ sentiments, attitudes, opinions and thoughts about one or more specific issues, monitoring people behaviour over a period of time, identify potential influences and opinion makers across the main social media platforms.

Market Research Services in India

Market Research Service is globally proven for its wide and far-sighted scope. They are used to acquire information on different market sectors pertaining to various topographical regions. They have made obtaining data on public opinion truly effortless and handy. At Stellar Digital Lab, we provide on-field market research, customised market research, online market research as well as mix of any of these as per the requirement. We conduct product review, descriptive research and consumer loyalty study. We use these studies to equip you with abundance of knowledge about the market you are entering into or thinking of expanding your venture in. Having an assistant like us by your side frees you from these side activities and helps you give undivided attention to the core aspects of your business while we make sure you get the best aid in the process.

Academic Research Services in India

We have a team of talented professionals well-versed in conducting the academic researches for the purpose of faculty training, educational software development, video, audio, and image projects, creation of thesis, development of new tools for teaching and research, dissertation or research paper and many others. We collect data from numerous sources, both online and offline, ranging from surveys, form, questionnaires, telephone interviews, social media etc. Our only objective is to provide our global clients the reliable and beyond satisfactory services so as to help them uncover key insights and take worthy decisions.

Legal Research and Support Services in India

At Digital Stellar Lab, we provide cost-efficient Legal Research and Support to keep the overall overhead of the legal processes of your firm largely lesser than what it is now. Corporate law firms are under intense pressure to keep their costs down in order to reduce the overall overhead of the business under control. Our team of legal research and support facilitates our global clients with Litigation Support Services, E-Discovery and Document Review, Title Search Services, Deposition Summary, Legal Coding, Deposition Summary, Legal Accounting and so on. We work on unison with our clients providing them personalised services customised to suit their budget and requirement.

Conducting Survey & Analysis Services in India

Studies have shown that survey and analysis of the facts obtained from such surveys give you useful insights related to your business and the market. While you may be in dire need to conduct a survey for some purpose, you may not be having enough time, budget and capable manpower for the same. We have a team of efficient as well as talented professionals who have conducted hundreds of survey for our global clients. We work in unison with our clients and help them gather the information that are relevant and of importance to their business. Preparing outline of the survey, choosing media, selecting method, conducting the survey, extracting useful information from it, classifying the information under suitable heading, analyzing them and providing the useful set of information with analysis is our flow of work. This is a general flow and can be customized to suit your needs. Get in touch with us today to discover those facets of your business which needs your attention right now.

Data Extraction Services in India

Be it the web channels like websites, social media, blogs, wikipedia or offline repository of data like directories, surveys, interviews; there are piles of data that you may be in need of for various purposes like study, research, development, launch of new products, customer psychology study, market trend sudy etc. At Stellar Digital Lab, we have a team of cross-experienced professionals who have worked for diverse client in multiple industries. They are equipped with the tools, technology and techniques to extract data from any and every source, classifying them, analyzing them and presenting the well-formed database in the format you prefer. These databases can be used for multiple purposes. We offer your customized services to best-fit your needs.

Target Email Address Extraction Services in India

Though the digital media has taken leaps in terms of advancement and there are several media as well as techniques of marketing, email marketing still beats all of them. All you need to know is who to target. Having a well-formed mailing list of your targeted set of audience can produce amazing result. Our team of email address extraction experts has exactly what it takes to make an effective mailing list for your business. We have several ways of extracting the information you need in your mailing list. We trace the web as well as offline platforms to gather the information and create a customized mailing list, just the way that you’ll want. We guarantee you error-free and quick result

Stellar Data India charter is to make IT think, talk and perform like a business.