Data Capture Services in India

Outsource Data Capture Services in India

Data capture is the process of capturing data which is in the form of documents, PDFs ect into the data that computers can understand. If the capturing work is done by the employees manually then it leads to loss of time whereas loss in productivity hence, this whole process was now automated through latest technology which leads to high productivity, time saving and 100% accuracy.

We provide high quality data capture services in India, which provides you accurate data with more reliability. In the present scenario, a lot of valuable data is residing on the scanned documents whereas data capturing was most time consuming if not done by professionals. Hence our dedicated team towards it will help you to complete the work easily within the deadline.

We offer following Data Capture Services in India

  • Manual data capturing
  • Automatic data capturing
  • Image and video capture
  • Optical character recognition ( OCR)
  • Intelligent character recognition (ICR)
  • QR code or barcode capture
    Voice recognition
  • Web data capturing
  • Digital forms and signatures
  • Smart cards
  • Magnetic stripe cards capture
  • Optical mark reading (OMR)
  • Magnetic ink character recognition( MICR)


  • Savage of more time
  • Increase in security and storage
  • More data collection with less storage
  • High accuracy and reliability
  • No missed information

Savage of More Time

Usage of automatic data capture saves more time and gives the results more rapidly when compared to the data capturing when done manually. Our experts at data capture services in India provide you the best results without any errors in less time.

Increase in security and storage

We gives you the best solution for all your data capture needs. As already mentioned, automated data capture gives you accurate services and offers many advantages when it comes to manual data capturing. These benefits include increase in security and can resolve all the dolore

More data collection with less storage

The main theme of data capture was to capture the data and to transfer it to the computers. Our team provided all the clients with best results and continuing the service with more efforts. Data capture services in India at Stellar Data Entry gives you huge data collection towards the information you needed and which doesn’t requires more storage. Hence we collects more data with less storage to give you accurate results.

High accuracy and reliability

One common point all we know is, when the accuracy and reliability is more in work then mostly all the clients will tends to choose the company for better results. When the data we captured was more accurate then delivering the best and great service will be easier. Hence our professionals at data capture services in India will work hard and gives you the results with more accuracy and reliability.

No missed information

Some of the data capturing methods are the latest technologies that allows the capturing machines to recognise the various documents and PDFs. Our experts will never miss any information from the data which was extracted from online sources and also gives you the accurate results. We have every resource that customers need which you can fully use our data capture services in India at our company with high experts and latest technologies.

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