Data Quality Management Service in India

E-Mail Validation Service in India

E-mail Validation comprises of checking email addresses for detection and elimination of bad emails. The E-mail Validation team at the Stellar Digital Lab checks the email addresses thoroughly for any bad email it may contain and eliminates such emails. We ensure the email addresses are as per the standard and usable for the purpose so as to reduce email bounce rates before it may happen. We use latest tools and technology along with human intervention and techniques whenever required. We provide personalised service to our global clients so that they get the best possible solution without much ado from their end.

Data Verification/ Validation Service in India

Lack of correct, concise and complete data nullifies the objective of a database. Here is where you need a team to assist you to verify and validate your database. Our team of experienced Data Verification and Validation executive checks whether or not the data has been produced consistent with specifications, if it is as per the standards and acceptable as well as whether or not it is appropriate and consistent with its intended use. We use tools and technology with human intervention to verify and validate the data. Our experts identify gaps, redundancy and inaccuracies in the database. The problems are sorted out by the team and the end result is checked by the quality assessment team thoroughly to ensure 100% accuracy. We vouch to give you the best data verification and validation services like we have been giving to our clients all around the globe.

Mailing List Cleanup Service in India

The mailing list is the most powerful tool for marketing. But to use it extensively, you require an updated, error-free list. To get your mailing list cleaned can cost you an ample amount and take more efforts than it may seem. Here, at the Stellar Digital Lab, we have trained teams who are the wizards of mailing list cleanup. They work meticulously to identify redundant, incorrect, obsolete information and eliminate them. Thereafter, correct information is filled and a complete, correct and concise mailing list is handed over to you. We offer the best services in the least possible rates. We guarantee 100% reliability, satisfaction, accuracy and data confidentiality. 

Data Enrichment Service in India

Data enrichment refers to the process of updating the raw data with more information so that it can be used for other purpose. In lack of data enrichment, the database may go stale and not used to its potential. At Digital Stellar Lab, we have a team of dedicated professionals to work on your raw data and enrich it for use to its maximum potential. Data enrichment starts here with redundant data identification and removal. After that, we look for missing or incorrect crucial information and fill in the blanks with appropriate data. Further, we build a complete database for you. With data enrichment, our clients have achieved optimised web conversion rates, personification, lead scoring, improved segmentation and seamless customer experience. We use latest tools, technology and technique to achieve the best enriched database for you while maintaining data confidentiality.
Outsourcing data entry to India can help businesses save costs, increase efficiency and accuracy, and gain access to a skilled workforce.

Data De-duplication Service in India

Data De-duplication team at Stellar Digital Lab eliminates redundant data and improve data quality in all file formats and software platforms. Serving numerous clients from all around the globe for years has armed our team with the capabilities to deal with any form of database in any language. Our data de-duplication process comprises of data integration, data purging, data merging and data comparison. We compare data, merge data to ensure there is single entry comprising of all the required information, delete duplicate data, integrate and consolidate data in other databases and create a compact and uncluttered database with all relevant information. These steps are carried out the way that suits your business and requirements. We are open to customisation.

Data Cleansing/Scrubbing Service in India

Owing to the extraction from several sources, the data can be often out of order, of different format, duplicated and inconsistent. Our data cleansing team removes any of such impurities from the data. Our team fixes the errors, abbreviation, removes duplicate entries, misspellings and normalises the database so that there is consistency between the factors like units. The functionality of this team is not limited here. We use scrubbing tools to neutralise any chance of error and reduce time taken in the project. We have worked for multiple industries like education, legal, IT, banking, and many others. Our years of experience gained from working with global clients have made us capable of handling any time of database you may have to get cleaned. We believe in long-term association. We guarantee 100% satisfaction and reliability.

Data Standardisation Service in India

A firm cannot control the way a contact or a survey form, for an instance, is filled by a user, the way data-entry executive enters the same in the database or the way the database is integrated and imported on a CRM or ERP systems. Regardless of the differences in the ways the people at different level deal with the data, our team of Data Standardisation professionals efficiently standardise the it. We perform proper case formatting, company name standardisation, D-U-N-S and TIN number correction, address standardisation and validation, person name standardisation, state and country name standardisation, contact number standardisation and validation and many more. We maintain data confidentiality during the entire process. We are budget-friendly and reliable.
Stellar Data India charter is to make IT think, talk and perform like a business.